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Welcome to the BugsB family!

We started in our home in Co. Cork, Ireland but now live in France, on the border to Switzerland and Germany.
We have been selling great value, practical baby items since 2004. We use all of the products that we sell ourselves and so have first hand experience on how useful and practical they are!

When we started our family we were surprised at how much money baby items cost and how many 'trivial' gifts we got. This gave us the motivation to search for better priced items that would make useful yet wonderful gifts for babies, children and families. This we feel is especially important these days when money must be spent wisely.

Our Kiddopotamus items are very well made, very useful and have a long life. My husband insists on using the TidyDiners every meal, saving the floor of many crumbs!

BugsB Shoes
We have wooden floors all over the house (as do many people these days!). Once the kids started crawling and pulling themselves up on the furniture I struggled to find good value soft soled shoes that would offer their feet warmth, protection and grip while allowing their feet to curl as babies need to do as they learn to gain their balance.
This inspired the BugsB brand of Soft Baby Leather shoes and Crib shoes. I have designed these shoes myself and we have just under 30 different styles and colours in stock.
At BugsB offer you unique shoes @ great great value.

Our Promise
Customer service is very important to us. We provide as good a service after you have made a purchase as before. If you are not totally satisfied with your BugsB purchase we will offer a replacement or refund straight away.

We hope that you enjoy our website and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

This page was updated on Wednesday, 10 November 2021